Self Employed Individual / Small Business Accounts

Every type of business needs accounts prepared in a specific, tailored manner. ABC Accountancy can accommodate any type of small business. All relevant adjustments, which need to be made for self-assessment tax purposes, are applied by us to ensure your tax returns are filed as tax efficiently as possible and ,of course, before deadline.

Limited Company Accounts

Limited companies have more intricate reporting requirements than self-employed businesses due to having to report to Companies House as well as HMRC. There are a number of different deadlines which have to be met and procedures to follow. ABC Accountancy fully understands these and is able to ensure that all requirements & deadlines are met, to the highest of standards, so you can concentrate on running your business. 

Taxation management

There are many detailed rules available in taxation planning to help manage any tax liability you may be facing. It is crucial to use an accountant who fully understands these as there is a very fine line between tax evasion and tax avoidance. ABC Accountancy offers a comprehensive taxation management service with taxation avoidance at its core. 

Tax investigations

Any tax enquiry is an attempt by HMRC to establish if you have paid the correct amount of tax. Our team of experts apply mathematical techniques and utilise relevant tax legislation in order to help you present your accounts as effectively as possible. All client are recommended to buy our tax investigation insurance (a 3rd party provision) , at a nominal fee, which then covered all costs associated with the workload involved if you were to be investigated. 

Capital Gains

Capital Gains Tax is essentially a tax on any profit you make on the disposal of an asset and it applies to most assets when they’re sold. There are many complexities surrounding Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and the whole process can be fairly daunting. Here at ABC we have the expertise to understand these complexities. There are many reliefs and exemptions, that when applied, may lead to significant tax savings.   

VAT ,PAYE & Payroll

The rules surrounding record keeping and reporting for VAT, PAYE and Payroll purposes can be a bit of a mine field to say the least! ABC Accountancy understands the rules and procedures which apply to each industry sector thus allowing us to provide you with a comprehensive service solution.  

Employment Contracts

By law if you employ staff you should supply each of them with an employment contract or statement of employment which, at a minimum, should contractually comply with their basic statutory rights and thereafter optionally comply with additional company policies. ABC Accountancy can write and supply bespoke contracts for all your employees.